Managing Custom Content Servers


Managing Servers

Servers are now centrally managed and making changes to the base URL or a server will automatically update all titles, no need to modify URLs at the title level.  There is no limit to the number of servers that can be utilized for custom content.  Titles can be moved from one server to another easily.Snag_6f5910e.png

  1. Add New Server - Add a new server.
  2. Delete - Used in conjunction with the left-hand check boxes (4) to delete multiple servers.  Servers can only be deleted if the title count is zero.
  3. Export Servers - Export all server information via XLSV, CSV, Copy, or Print.
  4. Check Boxes - Facilitate bulk delete capabilities.
  5. Server Name - Editable name of the server and a link to edit the server URL information.
  6. Streaming URL - Quick access to the current streaming URL for a given server.
  7. Download URL - Quick access to the current download URL for a given server.  If there is no download URL present, downloading of custom content titles will be disabled.
  8. Number of Titles - Displays the total number of titles associated with a given server.
  9. Delete - Remove an individual server, only if there are no titles associated to the server.

Viewing and Moving Titles

Clicking on the title count from the main servers grid will open a pop up window, allowing you to quickly view all titles associated to a given server.  You can also access this pop up by clicking on a server and then clicking the Titles button in the top right corner of that pop up.

Titles must be assigned to a server and cannot be removed from this window, however they can be moved from one server to another.  Click into the select titles box and perform a keyword search, or scroll down the list to find desired titles.  This is a multi-select box, allowing you to move multiple titles at once before clicking the Move Titles button.

Once you have selected titles you wish to move, click the Move Titles button and the system will begin processing your request.  The titles will then appear below in the list of titles for the given server.

This is a great way to move titles and clean up any duplicate servers in your collection.

Note - there must be more than one server in order to move titles, if a server has all the titles assigned to it, the select box and Move Titles button will not be available.


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