Infobase eBook Platform Partner Integrations


The Infobase Learning eBook Platform integrates with a variety of other products and partners.  The charts below show the level of integration available for each of our partnered learning management systems, classroom tools, and discovery services.  For more information about any of these integration options, please contact our support team at

Configuration and technical support of the methods listed below all come at no additional cost to our customers.

Learning Management System & Classroom Tools Integration

With our partnered learning management systems and classroom tools, there are three level of integration.  The first level uses our record URLs and page links, which are authenticated links directly to specific videos or pages within the eBook platform.  The next level is a download eBook option - for our purchased (non-subscriber) collections we offer a downloadable pdf version or epub if available.  Also, for any eBook available in the epub format, there is an embed code provided.  Finally, the highest level is some form of direct integration, such as an LTI app for a learning management system or tool within the platform for sharing directly to another service.

Partner Record URLs Download / Embed Code Direct Integration

Google Classroom



brightspace by D2L















Office 365 Education


Discovery Services Integration

The chart below details how the Infobase Learning eBook Platform integrates with our partnered discovery services.  The first level of integration, HTML search results, is also referred to as "screen scraping" and indicates that the partner has access to the eBook platform and they use the platform itself to harvest the relevant metadata.  The next level of integration, the meta-data export, refers either to the customizable title data export in the platform's administration portal, or, in some cases, a customized export (such as a MARC file containing all of the relevant metadata) created specifically for the partner organization.  The final level of integration, the search API, refers to a way the partner organization can quickly obtain customizable XML exports of our metadata by directly querying our search index.  These customizable XML exports can then be parsed with search results from other outside sources by the discovery partner. 

Discovery Service HTML Search Results Meta-Data Export Search API











If you need any further assistance or have questions about any of our integrations with various other services, please contact support for our eBook platform at


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