Embedding Content into Itslearning


Customers using the itslearning, learning management system, can embed content from the following products directly into their courses:

  • African-American history
  • American History
  • American Indian History
  • Ancient and medieval History
  • Bloom's Literature
  • Ferguson's Career Guidance Center
  • Health Reference Center
  • Modern World History
  • Science Online
  • The World Almanac for Kids
  • World Geography and Culture Online
  • eBooks
  • Access Video On Demand
  • Classroom Video On Demand
  • Films On Demand
  • Access Video On Demand Just For Kids
  • Learn360

Before content can be embedded, your administrator will need to have installed the product LTI application.  For more information on requesting and installing this app, please refer to the Requesting and Installing the Itslearning LTI Application.

If the product app has been added, it will appear under the Resources section of the course you are in after pressing the green plus button on your course dashboard.

Click on the product app shown above to start the process of locating and embedding resources into itslearning.

Enter your desired keyword or phrase into the product search box and hit ENTER, or click the blue search button.

The search result page offers several function explained below:

  1. Sorting and Filtering Options:
    1. View By: Titles & Segments, Titles Only, or Segments Only.
    2. Sort By: Relevancy, Newest to Oldest, Most Viewed.
    3. Filter by Subject
    4. Content Type: Video, Audio, Custom Content, and Feature Films (Canadian Customers Only)/
  2. Pagination - Use the pagination controls to skip to other pages of results.
  3. Run Time - View the run time of all media assets.
  4. Preview - Use the preview link to view the content before deciding to embed it.  Clicking on this link opens a new window on top of the existing window.
  5. Embed - Use the embed button to view the embed code required for inserting this resource into itslearning.

Once you have found a resource to embed, click on the Embed button to view the embed code (shown below).  Copy this entire embed code from this pop up window.

After you have copied the embed code, click the green plus sign in the top, right-hand corner again and select Custom Activity from the Activities section.

Enter the title of the resource.  Click the embed code icon and paste the code into the window.

If the embed code is valid, you will be able to see the actual content resource below the Inter Button.  To complete the process, click the green Insert button.

You will be returned to the add custom activity screen.  You can specify the deadline for completion and a few other variables at the bottom of this page.  Click the green Save button to complete the process.

Below is an example of how an embedded Learn360 video resource will appear to other participants in the class.

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