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SUSHI (Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative) is an ANSI/NISO standard API for harvesting resource usage data, and specifically designed to work with COUNTER reporting.

SUSHI is a SOAP-based API which allows retrieval of XML-based report data.

More technical background into SUSHI can be found on the NISO website

Enabling SUSHI access

SUSHI access can be enabled within the COUNTER Reports tab in the admin portal, and also within the embedded reporting widget.


Once enabled, three key pieces of information are made available:

  • SUSHI Service URL : this is the base URL for the SUSHI API, e.g.
  • Requestor ID : this is essentially a password which grants access to a specific set of account reports
  • Customer ID : this is the LibLynx ID for the customer account

The WSDL for the SOAP service is simply the Service URL with ?wsdl appended, e.g.

A customer needs these pieces of information to integrate the LibLynx COUNTER reports into their own reporting software.

Sushi export is available for COUNTER R4 and COUNTER R5 reports.




NISO recommends various services for testing SUSHI:

It's also possible to test with a SOAP testing tool like SoapUI

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