eBooks Homepage Sliders


Administrators have the ability to customize homepage sliders for their eBooks account.

Administrators can create a new slider, add titles to that slider, and set an order for current active sliders. 

You can access this homepage customization from the product level navigation, under product settings --> homepage.


To Create a New Slider:

To create a new custom slider, click "Create New Slider"


A popup box will open, enter the name of your new slider, then click "Create Slider".


To Manage Your Custom Slider:

To manage your custom slider, click on the edit icon in table row of the slider you want to edit.


The following popup will come up.  Here you can Remove Items, Search & Add New Items, or Rename the slider.


Once you have named the slider appropriately and added all the titles you would like to appear in your slider, you can activate the slider by selecting the "Activate" option.

Activating/Deactivating Your Slider:

You can activate or deactivate sliders to show up on your product homepage.  Simply click the activate or deactivate button in the row of the slider you would like to activate or deactivate.



Set Active Slider Order:

Administrators can set the order of their active sliders to appear on your eBooks homepage.  To set the active slider order, click the "Set Active Slider Order" button.


A popup will open that displays all currently active sliders, here you can drag and drop the sliders to set the order that is seen on your eBooks homepage.


Changes will automatically be saved, so once you have set the intended order, you can close the window and the changes will be applied.

Previewing the Homepage:

You can preview what the homepage will look like by clicking the preview tab at the top of the page.


A preview of your eBooks homepage will display, as seen in the screenshot below.


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