How to integrate Infobase products with Follett Destiny



How to set up access with Follett Destiny:

For products that are not API enabled, you must set up your access within the configuration using your supplied username and password; (as follows)


For products that are API enabled, you must configure access using the supplied vendor/account ID; (as follows)


**In order to receive your vendor/account ID you will need to contact our support team at

The only one that is different is the eBooks implementation, which requires the Institution ID in addition to username and password;



How to search and browse results in Follett Destiny:

Beyond those differences, the user experience is the same. Of the databases you configured, you can select which databases/products you would like to search; enter search term(s); and execute. Search results for each of the selected databases are returned, grouped by database. You can then click on the result link(s) that is of interest and are taken to the page on the native site.

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