2019 Product Updates


Below is a list of new features and functionality that have been added to Admin Portal over the course of the year.

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  • December - New Admin Portal Overview Screen accessed from the Top Navigation that gives an overview of all pages available for both specific products and general left hand navigation pages.  Read More.
  • December - Tour the Page Walk-throughs have been added to many pages.
  • December - QR Code usage booster is now available.  You can embed the QR Code in your html, or generate a custom QR Code. Read More.
  • October- New Contacts page in Account settings.  You can view, export, edit, or create a new contact here.  
  • October- New Notifications page in Account settings.  You can set up Notifications for different contacts in your account for all or a specific product.
  • October- New "Contact your Sales Representative" button on the Top Navigation.  By clicking this button you can easily contact your sales representative. Read More.
  • October- Authentication settings to enable Record URL encoding has been added for Databases. Read More.
  • October - Authentication settings for the Video platform now allows you to enable page link encoding, enable embed encoding, and enable LTI link encoding. Read More.
  • September- Infobase Hosted Custom Content.  The ability to have your files stored off-network in the cloud frees up needed server space and bandwidth on your network. Read More.
  • September- Microsoft sign in for Databases.
  • August- Request subscription renewal quote from the Admin Portal.  Read More.
  • August- Custom MARC record profiles. Read More.
  • June- MARC Records Delete Files updates: ability to create custom delete files and download discontinued titles from the Admin Portal. Read More.
  • June- eBooks Search API. Read More
  • June- Individual Licenses Page. Read More.
  • March- Additional column for Learn360 Engagement Reports.  For more information on engagement reports you can visit the following articles: Account Usage Report and User Usage Report
  • March- New columns available in Core Video reports.  Read More.
  • February- Direct integration with Follett Destiny now available for a wide range of Infobase resources. Read More.
  • January- eBooks homepage sliders. Read more.
  • January- eBooks suppression rules. Read more.
  • January - Certified and Audited COUNTER4 reports and SUSHI available. 
  • January -   Streaming Video Homepage Sliders. Read more.
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