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The Preview Widget offers a way to boost your Video Platform usage. By displaying a customized range of preview clips on your HTML page, the widget provides your students with a targeted entry point into the video platform.  You must be logged into your admin portal to create a preview widget.  Once logged in, click on the Usage Boosters tab, and then the Preview Widget sub tab.

To create a new preview widget, click on the "New Preview Widget" button and follow the below steps:

  1. Enter a name for your widget and select "Create Widget".2018-06-26_15-24-14.png
  2. Click the "Add Title" button to search for titlespreviewwidget.png
  3. Use the search function in popup to locate titles that you would like to include in the widget (returns full titles only).  The search will return custom content in addition to core content full titles.previewwidget3.png
  4. Additional pages of search results can be accessed using the pagination controls above search results.
  5. Click the plus symbol to add a title to the list of titles used in the preview widget.previewwidgett4.png
  6. Using your mouse, you may drag titles in the selected titles list up and down to reorder them.  Titles are displayed in the preview widget in the same order as they appear in selected titles.
  7. Use the trash icon to remove titles from your list.


Note: the widget will only play the first segment of the title selected. In the case of a title without segments, it will play the first two minutes. To see the full title, click on the View Full Title button from the preview within the widget for an authenticated link to that title within the platform.  In addition you can preview the title from the search page by clicking on the title link.

All created preview widgets will be visible in a grid with expandable edit options for each preview widget with the following components:

  1. Toggle edit view
  2. Preview view (simulates embed code)
  3. Copy embed code
  4. Delete widget (you will be prompted to confirm you wish to delete first)


Note: Preview Widget views are considered "previews" and do not count towards your account's usage statistics.


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