MARC Delete Files


Automatic Delete Files:

MARC delete files are generated and posted to your account automatically once titles have been removed from your subscription collections.  The following products follow a regular content update schedule:

  • All video products - Films On Demand, Classroom Video On Demand, Learn360, Access Video On Demand - Semi-annually.
  • eBooks - Quarterly.


Download Discontinued Records:

Under MARC records on your admin portal, there is an option to download discontinued records since your last download.  A new delete file will download with all discontinued titles since your last download.

Custom Delete File:

Under MARC records on your admin portal, you are able to create a custom delete file.  Under "Download Custom Records" click the "Create Custom Records."  Under the options there will be a checkbox for "Delete File".  Selecting this box will allow you to create a custom delete file for the options you select for your custom file.

A special note for Follett Destiny Library Manager users:

Follett's Destiny Library Manager doesn't support delete files.  MRC files will can only add titles, not remove them.

To utilize our delete file, follow these steps:

  • Import the delete file
  • Have Destiny add the titles to a Resource List
  • Make sure to tell Destiny not to add duplicates
  • Export the Resource List and use the option to delete all titles from the Resource List after exporting the file
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