Custom MARC Record Profile


The admin portal allows you to create a custom MARC record profile in order to easily download MARC records with previous settings you have set.  To create or select a profile select the "Create Custom Records" button from the top right.


To create a new profile:

 At the top of the pop up there will be a section at the top to "Create New Profile".  Enter the profile name, select the settings you want used for this profile, and then click "Save Profile."  This profile will now be available to be selected for future use in generating a custom MARC record file.


To select a pre-existing profile:

At the top of the Custom MARC Records popup there is a dropdown that allows you to choose a profile.  Select the profile from this dropdown that you would like to use to generate your custom MARC record download.


To make changes to an existing profile, select that profile from the "Choose a Profile" dropdown.  Make the changes to the settings, and then click "Save Profile." This profile will be updated with those settings for future use.


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