My Resources Overview


My Resources is the default homepage of the admin portal.  Every product you subscribe to will be displayed in a pod on this page.


Left-Hand Navigation

The admin portal contains a persistent left-hand navigation.  The left-hand navigation represents a global view of all active resources.  If you have multiple active subscriptions, clicking on any of these menu options will display all products.  For example, clicking on Usage Reports will show COUNTER 4 usage for all products.


  1. Your school logo and name - The school logo acts as another link back to the My Resources section.
  2. Global navigational items - Anything in this menu will include all resources you currently subscribe to.
  3. Collapse left-hand menu - clicking on this icon will collapse the left-hand menu down into a strip of icons.  This is useful if you are on a smaller screen, or just want more room to work.



Product Pod

Every active resource you subscribe to will be represented as a pod on the My Resources page.

The top right-hand corner of My Resources contains two toggles:

  1. Expired - By default, expired subscriptions and trials are hidden on the My Resourcs page.  You can click on "Hide" to show any expired subscriptions and/or trials.  You will have access to all reporting on expired subscriptions for a period of 12 months after the subscription expired.
  2. Trials - By default, any trials of new resources are hidden on the My Resources page.  Click on "Hide" to show any active trials on the My Resources page.  Trials will contain a yellow trial banner across the product tile.




  1. Resource Tile and Name - Click on the resource tile or name to view that specific resources summary page.
  2. Resource Navigation - Click on any of these buttons to view a specific feature.  Some sections, like Reports contain a down arrow and offer additional sub-menu items when clicked on.
  3. Subscription Term - Your current subscription period will be listed on the right-hand side of every resource pod.
  4. Open Product - Click on this button to launch your product in a new browser tab.  These links will use any authentication methods currently enabled on your account.


  1. Help Icon - Click here to access the support center for help with the admin portal.
  2. History Icon - Click here to view the history pop out below.  Here you can see the history of all activity for your account.  Previous actions that have been made.



Take a Tour

Upon logging in to the site for the first time, you will be prompted to take a guided tour of the My Resources home page.  Here you will get a step-by-step tour of the My Resources page and left-hand navigation.  You can replay this tour by clicking on the following icon next to the "My Resources" header. 



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