Admin Portal Overview - Streaming Video


Our streaming video administrative portal provides account administrators with access to the following features:

  • Usage statistics including:
    • Certified COUNTER
    • Engagement Reports: Accounts, Users, and IP reports
    • Media Reports: Core Video, Custom Content, Subjects, Collections, and Producers
    • Google Analytics
    • Minutes Played
    • Title Data - view all metatdata for titles, segments and related resources
  • The ability to download MARC records, including creating your own custom record download
  • Usage boosters – such as search widgets, icons, QR code, Subject URL, Marketing Materials, and Preview widgets
  • Suppression tools - suppress content and titles
  • Set integration and authentication settings for your platform
  • Control announcements for your platform
  • Create and customize your Homepage Sliders
  • Maintain, create, and upload custom content for your platform
  • Add, activate, deactivate, and control custom Web Channels
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