Product Summary Overview


The Product Summary page shows an overview of the specific product you are currently viewing.


  1. Product Toggle - Toggle between products here.
  2. Product Level Navigation - Click on any of these button to view a specific features.  Some sections, like Reports contain a down arrow and offer additional sub-menu items when clicked.
  3. Authentication Options - See how many authentication options are active out of the total number of options available.
  4. Available Integrations - See how many available integrations are active out of the total number of available integrations.
  5. Available MARC Records - See the number of new MARC records available.  This will only be visible for products that have MARC records.  For example this block will not be visible on eLearning modules.
  6. Usage Boosters - Total number of widgets detected from usage boosters.
  7. Annual Content Growth Chart - Chart showing annual content growth for the product.  Note that for different types of products, different sets of information will be visible here.  If you are viewing an eLearning module this block is not visible.  If the account is a la carte, core video report will be shown here instead of annual content growth.
  8. Product Updates - Here you can see a list of important product updates.  This is not visible for eLearning Modules.
  9. Saved Product Reports - A list of your saved product reports.
  10. Usage Boosters - Quick access to your usage booster icon embed code.
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