Suppression Rules by Organization and User Type


For accounts that have multiple institutions or libraries, admins can also control the Suppression Rules based on the Organization Type and/or the User Type.  This means that a consortia or district admin can setup separate profiles for each type of institution in their account and each type of user (e.g, teacher, student, etc..).  To do so, simply use the drop-downs listed at the top of the General Suppression Rules section to select from the available options for your account.Snag_29b11737.png

Then select any suppression rules you want to put in place for those options.  Once you have done both steps click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the page to assign the selected suppression rules to each profile.  These suppression rules will be automatically applied to all institutions and users in your account that fall into each category, this will override the account's default suppression rules.  A popup will tell you how many accounts you will be overriding settings for and ask for your confirmation to override these suppression rules.

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