eBook Suppression Rules


Admins have the option of setting general suppression rules for their eBooks account, as well as suppressing individual titles from their account. 

Consortia accounts can manage suppression rules for sub accounts based on their organization.  The default is set to the parent location of the consortia.  You can select "All" for changes to apply across the entire consortia.  To use Consortia Controls, simply select an organization option from the drop down and proceed with modifying the suppression rule for that organization.


You can also set suppression rules based on user type.  The default setting for user types is all, this will apply suppression rules for all types of users.  To set suppression rules for a specific user type select that user type from the drop down and proceed with modifying the suppression tools.


General Suppression Rules:

Admins have the option to suppress content for the eBooks account by Copyright Years, Subjects, Grades, and Publishers.  Simply check the box next to the rules you would like to use to suppress content on your account.




Title Suppression:

Admins can suppress individual titles (ISBN) from their account.  Simply search for the title, locate it, and select it to add to your account's suppression list.  At this time, the search tool only allows admins to search by title; the description field is not searchable in the suppression tool.


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