Title Suppression for Video Platforms


Individual title suppression is supported for all Infobase video products.  To access the Title Suppression options, click on the Suppression button underneath any video product subscription accessible from the My Resources section of the admin portal.

Click on the Title Suppression tab to manage individual title suppression options.


If anything has been previously suppressed, it will be displayed on this page in a table with the following data:

  • Title
  • Producer
  • Content-Type
  • Copyright Year
  • Remove icon (Trash Can)

To suppress additional content, click on the Restrict More Titles button located in the top, right-hand corner of the page.

If the video product you are managing offers multiple content types, you can unselect any of these options to narrow your search results down.  By default, all content types are selected.


The Add Suppressed Titles pop-up will display 10 results per page.  You may use the paging controls located in the bottom, right-hand corner to advance your results.

To restrict titles, click on the checkbox to the left of any title you wish to suppress and click the Restrict Selected Titles button in the top right.  A confirmation message will appear to the left of this button when successful.  If you are finished, you may use the "X" in the top right-hand corner of the pop-up, or the Close button in the bottom right-hand corner to close the pop-up.  All of your restricted titles should now be visible on the Title Suppression tab.

**Note - the select ALL checkbox only selects the 10 results shown on the current page and not all possible results.



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