Alternate Username for SSO (Single Sign-on)


The Infobase Single Sign-On (SSO) supports an optional parameter called Alternate Username.  This parameter allows your users to create a new user account, or merge an existing account they might have, with the user account being passed to the platform via an SSO URL you are using.  This is particularly useful when your users sign in to a third party system and do not know the username they have on that system.

For an overview of the Infobase Single Sign-on (SSO) Integration, please refer to this help article.

How do I use Alternate Username?

To enable alternate username with your SSO URLs, simply add "&alt=1" to the end of the SSO URLs you are passing.

Example Query with Alternate Username enabled:

With alternate username enabled, the first time a user clicks an SSO link from your portal, they will be redirected to the alternate username page.  This is a ONE time process and once completed the user will never be asked to perform this interim step, unless they remove their alternate username from the User Profile section.

Merging an existing account:

  • If the account you input on this page to merge has a different email address from what is being passed in via SSO, you will be asked to verify your email address.  Assuming the email address now matches what SSO is passing, you will not be asked to verify this again.
  • If the merge was completed successfully, you will be taken to the homepage of the platform, or directly to the full title, and/or segment you originally requested.
  • You may verify your alternate username by visiting your User Profile under the Welcome menu.

Creating a brand new account:

  • If you do not have an existing account, and need to create a brand new user account, click on the Create New button.
  • From the Create your account page, enter a new username in the Alternate Username field shown below.  This MUST be a new, unique username, not already taken by anyone else.
  • If the username is already taken, the system will present you with a red warning message.
  • You may verify your alternate username by visiting your User Profile under the Welcome menu.

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