How to set up Barcode Authentication


Barcode authentication is primarily a "remote user" or "off campus" authentication solution. Many libraries issue their patrons a barcode/membership number. To enable this method of authentication you will need to supply the barcode number pattern. Often it looks like the following: 25501xxxxxxxxxxx.


The pattern can be from 5 to 50 characters in length. If you want to match a specific alphanumeric character (A-Z, or 0-9) enter that character.

Setting up Barcode

To set up barcode authentication for the first time, you will need to contact our support department via this support center, or from within your admin portal account.


  • From within the admin portal, go to Product Settings under the desired resource and select Authentication.
  • Click on the envelope icon next to Barcode in the table.  This will open up a request form that will allow you to send us your barcode number pattern.

Once barcode has been enabled for your account, using your authenticated URL will prompt your patrons to enter their card number instead of the usual username and password prompt.


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