Bulk User Update


The Institutions & Users section of the admin portal allows you to bulk update users for multiple accounts at once.  The steps below outline the process for updating existing users via a spreadsheet template.

  • Once logged into the Admin Portal, go to the Institutions & Users section.
  • In the Users tab you will see a "bulk tools" drop down, select the "bulk upload" option.


  • Before you click on the "bulk upload" button, it is recommended that you first export your list of Account IDs, which are required in the bulk update process.  Your account IDs are the numeric identifier associate with each of your buildings list in the admin portal.
  • To export your list of account IDs and names, use the "Export Institutions" button on the Institutions tab.
  • This spreadsheet will return a list of all building in your account, with their corresponding Account ID numbers.
  • From the Bulk Upload window select the "User Update" checkbox as the bulk action and then click the next button


  • The bulk user update template is located at the top of the Bulk Upload window.  To download the template, click on the "User Update" link


Bulk User Update Template

The bulk user update template contains the following columns:

  1. Account ID (required) - Found in the Export Institutions List spreadsheet.  This is the numeric identifier for each building and required for each user updated via bulk.  You may bulk update as many different users, tied to any number of different accounts as you wish.  the account IDs listed in your template must be listed as child accounts under your parent account or they will not be processed.
  2. Username (required) - The username of the person being updated.
  3. Name (optional) - The name of the person being updated.
  4. Email (optional) - the email address of the person being updated.  If you are using Google sign in, update this to match your Google email addresses.
  5. Password (optional) - The new password for the person being updated.
  6. Role (optional) - Any change in role for the person being updated.

Uploading the Template

  1. Once you have completed the template, following the instructions above, you are now ready to upload your list of users to your account.
  2. If the Bulk Upload window is not open, click on the button again and select the User Update checkbox and click Next.
  3. With the Bulk Upload window open, enter the number of users included in your spreadsheet.  This is used as an extra safety precaution to ensure accurate data is added to your account.  The number entered should only include actual users on your spreadsheet, and NOT the column header row of the template itself.
  4. Click the "Choose File" button to locate the save template on your computer and attach it.
  5. Click Upload to start the upload process.  You will be presented with a system processing message while the system is working.  Upon completion you will get a message stating the number of rows updated or the number of rows that had errors, and that a spreadsheet with this information is being automatically downloaded to your computer.  Your browser will automatically download a new spreadsheet containing the results of your upload.  The spreadsheet will indicate if the user was successfully added, or if it failed, why it failed, as shown below:

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