Saving and Scheduling Reports


What can be saved?

Please note:  Most of the usage reports can be saved, but not all can be scheduled.

Reports that can be saved:

  • Product level: Legacy Reports / COUNTER 4 (All Products)
  • Product level: Legacy Reports / ICOLC (Databases only)
  • Product level: Legacy Reports / Engagement Reports (Video Products only)
  • Product level: Legacy Reports / Media Reports (Video Products only)
  • Product level: Reports / Minutes Played (Video Products only)

Reports that cannot be saved:

  • Product level: Legacy Reports / Summary (All Products)
  • Product level: Reports / COUNTER (All Products)
  • All Products (left-hand side menu): Legacy COUNTER
  • All Products (left-hand side menu): COUNTER Reports


How do I save and schedule my report?

Saving your report:

  1. Using the list above as a guide, you will see a gray Save Report button in the top, right-hand corner of the report page if it can be saved.
  2. Once clicked, a pop up will appear, which will allow you to name the report.
  3. A generic report name will be assigned automatically, or you can rename it.
  4. At this time, you can opt to schedule this report to be delivered to your email at regular intervals if you choose.  To activate this feature, click on the Schedule Report check box shown below.
  5. Whether you save or schedule the report, you can access both later on from the left-hand side Saved Reports section.

Note - Saved reports will only save the actual report if a custom date range is selected.  If one of the canned report range is selected it will run a current report with that date range.


Scheduling your report:

All saved reports from above can also be scheduled to be delivered via email at designated intervals.

Note - Reports can only be scheduled if you selected one of the canned date range options:

  • Last 12 Months
  • Last 6 Months
  • Current Month
  • Current Year
  • Last 30 Days

Clicking on the Schedule Report check box will expose additional fields in this pop-up window that will allow you to complete the scheduling process.

  • Email To: The recipient(s) of the emailed report.
  • Email Subject: Custom subject line for the email.
  • Frequency: Monthly, Calendar Year, Academic Year.
  • File Format: Excel or CSV.
  • Email Body: Optional custom body text for the email.


Accessing your saved reports

The Saved Reports page will list all of your Save reports in table format, offering the following options:

  • Report Name: Click here to access and edit the report.
  • Report Type: The report template type.
  • Product Name: Product the saved report is for.
  • Date Created: The creation date of the report.
  • Status: Status of the report.  Saved or Scheduled.
  • Delete: Allows you to delete the saved report.

To modify any saved or scheduled report, click on the status column text to open a pop up window.

To delete a saved or scheduled report, click on the red trash can icon.  You will be warned and asked to confirm before any report is deleted.



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