Partner Applications


Your account has access to a variety of FREE integrations with other partner products we have integrated with.  The list of available apps that can be enabled will vary based on the product(s) you subscribe to.  By default, most of these third-party integrations are turned off.

Currently Available Apps:

  • Google Sign In
  • Microsoft Sign In
  • Clever Sign In
  • Classlink Sign In
  • Edmodo Sign In (Learn360 only)
  • Google Classroom


To enable any of these apps listed above, please follow the instructions below.  Your admin portal contains a section of all supported partner apps under Settings, Integrations:

  1. First you must have Administrator Access and be logged into the Administration Portal
  2. Click on Settings from the left hand navigation or product level nagivation
  3. Click on Integrations
  4. Locate the Partner Applications section (pictured above)
  5. select your Partner App of choice
  6. Click the button to the On setting

Note: Not all partner apps are available for platforms.  For more information visit the following links, or contact your support representative



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