Managing Custom Content Producers


Managing Producers

Clearly view all producers, and the number of titles associated with each producer.  Producer logos can be added and the producer detail page can be previewed right from the admin portal.  Visibility into all custom content producers will allow for easy clean up for duplicate producers and merge titles together.

Like series, producers are now a separate, standalone item for custom content.  Producers can be created and managers in this section, independent of titles and series.



  1. New Producer - click on this button to add a new producer.  Producers are required before titles can be added.
  2. Delete - used in conjunction with the check boxes on the left-hand size to delete multiple producers at once.
  3. Export - export producer information via XLSV, CSV, Copy, or Print.
  4. Check Boxes - facilitate bulk deletion of producers.
  5. Logo - view the logo image associated to a given producer.  Logos will display on the producer detail page within the platform.
  6. Producer Name - name of the producer and a link that redirects you to the edit producer page.
  7. Number of Titles - total number of titles associated to a given producer.
  8. Options - preview or delete individual producers.  Clicking on the preview will open the producer detail page in a new tab and allow you to see how it will look from the platform itself, without having to leave the admin portal.

Viewing and Moving Titles

Clicking on title count from the main producer grid will open a pop up window, allowing you to quickly view all titles from a given producer.  You can also access this pop up by clicking on a producer link and then clicking the Titles button from the producer edit pop up.

Titles must be assigned to a producer and cannot be removed from this window, however they can be moved from one producer to another using this pop up window.  Click into the select titles ox and perform a keyword search, or scroll down the list to find the desired titles.  This is a multi-select box, allowing you to move multiple titles at once before clicking the Move Titles button.

Once you have selected the titles you wish to move, click the Move Titles button.  The titles will then show up on the list of titles below that are associated with this producer.

This is a great way to move titles and clean up any duplicate producers in your collection.

Note - there must be more than one producer in order to move titles, if a producer has all the titles assigned to it, the select box and Move Titles button will not be available.Snag_7378489.png



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